At WORLDWISE FREIGHT we handle your cargo securely and with care. When we stuff and unstuff cargo into and from containers, our experienced team makes it hassle-free by using a systematic approach and technology that reduces the risk of damage to goods.

Cargo securing – Because goods are transported over greater distances, we use cargo restraint products that are secure, cost effective, environmentally friendly and meet all regulations. We are aware that negligence in cargo security can lead to accidents, loss of cargo and cause environmental damage.

Cargo Restraints – We use many quality and reliable products to stabilize and secure cargo in vehicles and intermodal containers.

We have the expertise and experience to secure break bulk cargoes of various sizes, dimensions and weight. Break bulk cargo are usually packaged in bags, corrugated boxes, crates, drums or barrels. This cargo can include forest products, metals, machines, electronics, chemicals, consumer goods and others.

Individual units of cargo are formed into tightly packed unit loads and secured to a pallet or skid which have a flat wood base for easy handling by a fork-lift truck.

These unit loads are combined, held, reinforced and fastened using stretch wrap, shrink wrap, and pressure sensitive tape. Unit loads are also strapped using various steel and plastic straps. Steel is used for its strength and minimal stretch properties. Polyester and nylon straps help a load absorb impact without strap breakage.

We use a method called cargo lashing for heavy cargoes of any shape like machines or boilers. Lashing provides maximum security and minimum shifting. Items used for lashing include ropes, cables, wires, chains and nets. We observe strict quality control of our lashing methods based on international guidelines.

We use cargo chocking to secure large loads or when multiple items need securing. The load chocking method is suitable for tying down loads such as timber planks, pipes and guttering.

Packing, Labelling and Weighing – At WORLDWISE FREIGHT we handle the full set of operations required to ensure goods for transport overseas are packed, labelled, documented and insured.

When packaging products we ensure that goods are protected from damage if they are dragged, pushed, rolled or dropped during transportation and unloading. We also make sure we minimise the problems of breakage, moisture, pilferage and excess weight. Since transportation costs are determined by volume and weight, we use specially reinforced and lightweight packing materials that have been developed for exporting. This makes it cost effective for the customer

We use specific marking and labelling on export shipping cartons and containers to:

  • Meet shipping regulations
  • Ensure proper handling
  • Conceal the identity of the contents
  • Help receivers identify shipments, and
  • Insure compliance with environmental and safety standards.

We meet customs regulations for freight labelling by including such information as the shipper’s mark, the custom’s identification code, country of origin and port of entry, weight, number and size of cases, handling remarks and labels for hazardous materials.

We use weighing scales and systems that are as efficient as possible without compromising on safety. This ensures billing is accurate and vehicles are filled to the optimum safe capacity. We also use weighing and scale software that transforms your raw weight information into business intelligence, allowing you to analyze and optimize your weighing operations

Dangerous Goods -We comply with strict regulations governing the packaging, classification, labeling and declaration of dangerous goods that are capable of posing a significant risk to community, property and the environment when transported by sea, air, road or rail. These goods may include flammable gases and liquids and infectious and toxic substances. We make sure the container or vehicle containing dangerous goods for export are accompanied by the Container/Vehicle Packing Certificate (CPC) which declares that the goods meet regulations for transport.

Fumigation Certificate - We make all arrangements with a licensing authority to conduct the fumigation of products that have pests, termites and other harmful living organisms. This is especially important where wood materials are used to pack products. Methyl Bromide is commonly and widely used as fumigants for fumigation all over world. Fumigation is a legal requirement and a fumigation certificate is issued together with other by export documents.

Cargo Storage – At WORLDWISE FREIGHT we arrange for the storage of dutiable goods in a bonded warehouse where specialised storage services such as deep freeze or bulk liquid storage are available. Goods in bonded storage can be cleaned, sorted, repacked or their condition changed so they can be exported without the payment of duty or withdrawn for local consumption after the payment of duty.

We can also secure the cost-effective use of a non-bonded or public warehouse for customers who want the flexibility of renting only the space they need on a long or short term basis. Customers can also hire equipment and trained labour required to help them with the storage, supply and distribution of their goods.

Inventory Management – At WORLDWISE FREIGHT we have the professional expertise and facilities to manage your inventory efficiently and securely. We can create, maintain and update records of the inventory of your goods transported, stored and distributed in the warehouse using sophisticated software. Based on our customer’s needs we can provide customized reports on an hourly, daily or monthly basis so they can keep track of inventory at any time.